The development of online poker and its future

Despite the fact that online poker is a relatively young way of playing poker, the number of fans around the world continues to grow very fast.
Based on the information on the international commission involved in the control of gambling, the number of online poker fans is bigger than a billion people. At the same time, this number increases daily by almost 10 thousand people.
The future of online poker
Some experts believe that the future of poker is already in a phase of stagnation. The reason for this is not a reduction of new players, but the current behavioral tendency. In particular, new players are the main source of money. If we talk about the high stack, the “battle of tough guys” continues. The previously popular tournament battles have gone far into the shadows. All interest is kept on attractive promotional offers and card competitions, which some leading poker clubs start from time to time.
At the same time, it seems to many gurus of playing online poker that its development is possible only if two serious problems would be solved. The first of these are Internet bots that spoil the poker’s fair play. The second problem is considered as the commission, which is charged from the participants by the administration of online poker websites.
Also, most professional players refuse to engage in dialogue with journalists, to share their experience with the younger generation, to share their successes in front of a multimillion public.
By summing up the development of online poker, it is necessary to say that all kinds of government decisions are unlikely to prevent people from paying their favorite online poker. Different bans of the game (massive blocking of sites of poker clubs, a closing of game servers) in one state will force poker fans to move to the territory of another. So it is not smart to limit people from getting real pleasure from excitement and big victories. It is impossible to make people stop playing poker at all. It will just make them mad and angry, so it will never happen.